Art History is an international forum for peer-reviewed scholarship and innovative research. Founded in 1978, the journal publishes essays, critical reviews, and special issues that engage with path-breaking new developments and critical debate in current art-historical practice. Art History covers all kinds of art and visual culture across all time periods and geographical areas. The journal welcomes contributions from the full spectrum of methodological perspectives, and is a forum for a wide range of historical, critical, historiographical and theoretical forms of writing. By means of this expanded definition, Art History works to transform and to extend the modes of enquiry that shape the discipline.

Art History only accepts submissions electronically. Prospective essays should be sent to the editors, together with a covering letter, and a 150-word abstract. The optimum length of articles (including notes) is between 8,000 and 12,000 words, accompanied by no more than 16 images. All manuscripts must be in UK English, and conform to the Art History style sheet, available here. The author’s name and contact details must not appear on the manuscript. Art History encourages fully-illustrated submissions but it is the responsibility of the author both to provide the images and to secure the permission to reproduce them.

Art History does not consider previously-published material. All submissions are first reviewed by the editors to determine their suitability for the journal. Should submissions proceed beyond this, they will then be assessed by two anonymous specialist readers. These readers’ evaluations will subsequently be considered by the editors before they make a final decision as to whether to accept an article for publication. Feedback from the peer review process will always be provided to the author.

Submissions should either be sent by or a large-file transfer website. All files must be in Microsoft Word format.

The journal does not accept unsolicited book reviews. Those interested in contributing to this section of Art History should contact the Reviews Editor by . Publishers wishing to provide review copies should send them to: Art History, 70 Cowcross Street, Clerkenwell, London, ECIM 6EJ.