Frequently Asked Questions

Will you comment on my abstract or essay prior to formal submission?

No. Due to the high volume of submissions that we receive, the editors are unfortunately unable to comment on abstracts or essays that have not been formally submitted for peer review. Authors are encouraged to look at the journal’s mission statement (available here), as well as at previously published issues of Art History, to get a sense of our aims and scope.

How and to whom should I send my submission?

Art History only accepts submissions electronically. Prospective essays should be sent to the Managing Editor by , together with a covering letter and a 150-word abstract. The author’s name and contact details must not appear anywhere on the submission.

What is the word limit for submissions and how many images can be included?

Submissions should be between 8,000 and 12,000 words (including notes) and accompanied by no more than 16 images which should be embedded into one document.

How long will it take for my submission to be reviewed?

All submissions are first reviewed by the editors to determine their suitability for the journal. This initial stage usually takes six weeks. Should submissions proceed beyond this, they will then be assessed by two anonymous specialist readers. These readers’ evaluations will subsequently be considered by the editors before they make a final decision as to whether to accept an article for publication. Feedback from the peer review process will always be provided to the author. This external process can typically take up to six months. However, this largely depends on the response of the readers, and so such a timescale cannot be guaranteed. We do though endeavour to keep as close to this as we can.

My submission is currently being considered elsewhere. Can I also submit it to Art History?

No. It is very important that you only submit your manuscript to one journal at a time. If we learn that a submission is concurrently being considered elsewhere, it will be withdrawn.

Can I make more than one submission at a time?

No. It is our policy that authors may only make one submission at any one time. Any additional manuscripts will be withdrawn.

My essay forms part of a larger book project. Can I still submit it to Art History?

Yes, provided that the book will not be published before the essay might appear first in the journal.

My essay has already been published elsewhere. Can I still submit it to Art History?

No. Art History does not consider previously published material.

If my submission is accepted for publication, how long will it take to come out?

This depends on a range of different factors. If your article is accepted for publication, we will at that point try to give you some indication of when it might appear both online and in print.

Are there any costs associated with publishing in Art History?

Art History does not charge authors to publish in the journal unless they wish for their paper to be made available via Open Access. Further details about how to do so can be found here. All authors, however, are responsible for securing their own images and permissions to reproduce them. While obtaining images and rights to reproduce them can be costly, there are a number of repositories that provide them either for free or at a deeply discounted rate for academic publications. Art History publishes all images in the journal in full colour at no cost to the author.

I have not yet obtained reproduction rights for my images. Can I submit anyway?

Yes. Whilst obtaining images and rights to reproduce them can take a long time, we do not require this for initial submissions. Should your essay get accepted for publication, we will then give you advice on how to go about this process.

I currently have no academic affiliation. Can I still make a submission?

Yes. There is no requirement for having an academic affiliation in order to have your work considered for publication in Art History. The journal publishes contributions by early career researchers as well as established scholars.

Do I need to be a member of the AAH to make a submission?

No, this is not a requirement for submission. But we encourage everyone to consider joining the Association of Art History. Further details about how to do so can be found here.

Can I write a book review for Art History?

The journal does not accept unsolicited book reviews. Those interested in contributing to this section of Art History should contact the Reviews Editor by .